Lab Head


Prof. Gang Su

苏刚  教授 


Research fields: Condensed matter theory and statistical physics, computational materials physics 

研究领域: 凝聚态理论和统计物理, 计算材料物理 

E-mail: gsu(at) 

        Prof Gang Su is now the vice-president and distinguished professor of physics in University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS).

        He earned his Ph.D. degree in Lanzhou University, China in 1991. After doing two-year postdoc research in UCAS, he joined in UCAS as an associate professor and became a full professor since 1997. During 1993-1999, he worked as a CEEC research fellow in State University of New York at Stony Brook, USA, an Alexander von Humboldt research fellow in Köln University, Germany, and a JSPS research fellow in Tokyo University of Science, Japan. From 2001 to 2008, he was appointed as executive dean of College of Physical Sciences, assistant president, provost and vice-president of UCAS.

        His primary research fields include theoretical condensed matter physics, statistical physics, and computational materials science, with particular emphasis on strongly correlated systems, quantum magnetism, molecular magnetism, superconductivity, superfluidity, spintronics, mesoscopic physics, exotic statistical physics, computational materials physics, clean energy, quantum Monte Carlo, various numerical renormalization group (DMRG, TMRG, TRG, LTRG, and so on) methods, quantum intelligence, etc. He is an author of more than 230 papers published in refereed journals and books. Since 1993, his research works have been supported by the NSFC, MOST, and CAS. He got a number of honors such as China National Natural Sciences Award, China MOE Natural Sciences Award, CAIA Award, CAS Excellent Supervisors, etc.


        长期从事凝聚态理论、统计物理及计算材料科学等方面的研究,在强关联系统、量子磁性、自旋电子学、超导物理、纳米结构与材料设计、新型能源材料等方面做出了一系列有影响的工作。已在包括PRL、JACS等国际一流期刊和专著上发表了230余篇论文和章节,研究成果被Materials Today, NPG Asia Materials, Nature China, Science News, American Scientist, PhysOrg.com等作为研究亮点报道。现任中国物理学会学术交流委员会委员、低温物理专业委员会委员、凝聚态理论与统计物理专业委员会委员、教学委员会委员,中科院真空物理重点实验室副主任,中科院物理研究所学术委员会委员,中科院化学研究所分子前沿科学讲座教授,兰州大学磁学与磁性材料教育部重点实验室学术委员会委员。