Spinor Boltzmann-Poisson equation and application to spin-dependent transport in magnetic multilayers

Li-Zhi Zhang, Zheng-Chuan Wang (a) and Gang Su

College of Physical Sciences, Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
P. O. Box 4588, Beijing 100049, China

received 10 July 2009; accepted 23 October 2009
published online 25 November 2009

PACS 72.10.Bg – General formulation of transport theory
PACS 72.25.Ba – Spin polarized transport in metals
PACS 72.25.-b – Spin polarized transport


Abstract – In order to consider the effect of electron-electron (e-e) interactions on the quantum transport in magnetic multilayers, the spinor Boltzmann equation and Poisson equation are jointly investigated. The analytical expressions of the spinor distribution function and the self-consistent average potential associated with e-e interactions are obtained, and the dielectric function in the self-consistent average potential is naturally generalized. Then we apply these results to the system of ferromagnet/insulator/dilute-magnetic-semiconductor (FM/I/DMS) layers, and study the time and position dependences of the charge current, spin current and spin accumulation in the FM/I/DMS system.