Preparation of T-carbon by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition

Kai Xu, Hao Liu, Yan-Chao Shi, Jing-Yang You, Xing-Yu Ma, Hui-Juan Cui, Qing-Bo Yan, Guang-Chao Chen, Gang Su


A novel carbon allotrope, T-carbon, is attempted to obtain by using plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) on the substrates of polycrystalline diamond and single crystalline diamond, respectively. Our measured x-ray diffraction, Raman and infrared spectra of the new form of carbon are in good agreement with the calculated results of T-carbon, and the lattice parameter meets with the results of calculation as well as the high resolution electron microscopy of T-carbon nanowires synthesized by the pulsed laser irradiating modification of carbon multiwall nanotubes, revealing that the phase of T-carbon can be identified in our samples. The experimental preparation of T-carbon by PECVD method indicates that the massive production of T-carbon may be feasible, and extensive investigations with high-throughput experiments on this novel phase are highly expected.